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    • Dear Students and friends,

      DirectorWelcome home to the old ones, and welcome to the family for the new ones. It is always great to see so many happy and new faces as we get ready to start a new year. We have a great number of students joining DBYC every year. DBYC is growing in a sustained way but in our collective attitude and in the feel of the Institution, I want DBYC to stay small, an Institution where everybody knows everybody else and cares for his or her well-being. This is why we must make sure that every student feels at home. Be proactive in making them feel welcome and at ease. I want everyone to be proud of the friendly, open and welcoming environment we foster at DBYC.

               “WE EDUCATE FOR LIFE” This motto that you can find throughout the Institution premises and on our communication is the defining works of our time. No matter what the nuance or angle, it has everything to do with “willing to be wiser” and the “will to learn” for a better future. That is why at DBYC, you are encouraged to gradually become responsible for your own learning. In the midst of the uncertainty and doubt that affects our world today we believed it is important to create a welcoming environment where you could be happy and stimulated to make the most of you capabilities, while at the same time, made aware of the ethical values that should govern life in modern society.    

               On a more practical aspect but nonetheless crucial aspect, we want you to be able to complete you course/s with the highest marking and be better equipped to shine in an increasingly competitive world. And to be able to do that, we want to give you the tools to be GOOD citizens of the world, citizens that share DBYC’s core values: • INTEGRITY & GROWTH • RESPECT & CLEANLINESS • COMMITMENT & SERVICE • EXCELLENCE Lastly, every year we eagerly tackle new challenges and not everything is perfect on day one. That is not necessarily bad because you get to participate in building this wonderful Institution and understand what it was like to be a tough student like the ones that have their names on the board at the entry of the palaces of kings.    

               “Education does not change the world. Education changes people, People change the world.” That is what I wanted from all of you. I wish you a fun and productive 2018/2019 year at DBYC!    

          Michael Makri sdb
  • Latest News & Events

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      Shillong 7 July 2019: Our DBYC Community bids farewell to Brother Shiningstar Dkhar on the 6th July 2019. ‘Brother Shining was in the DBYC Community for three years, while doing his studies in NEHU he has helped the community with all assistance in his capacity’ said Father Michael Makri, the director during the short gathering in the presence of Father Anthony Kharkongor the Vice Rector of the Community and the Principal of St. Anthony’s Hr Sec. School. The short but sweet program was also attended by Father Henry Warbah, the Vice Principal of St. Anthony’s Hr Sec School together with the brothers and the boys of DBYC. Beginning the farewell program, the Director welcomed everyone. This is followed by the songs and address by the boys of DBYC. Brother Shining then thanked the community for all the help rendered to him while doing his studies these past three years. He asked the boys of DBYC to work harder for their betterment and for the good of DBYC.

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      Shillong 14 June 2019: As part to promote local talents and to give the youth platform to come up in their career. Supported by RedFM and Don Bosco Media Network, the Vocal students of Don Bosco Youth Centre organized its first ever concert on 13th June 2019 in the premise of the Institution amidst the local MLA Smt Ampareen Lyngdoh, local MDC Shri Fantin J Lakadong, Director Father Michael Makri, Ast. Director Father Roland Kharkrang, teachers, parents and hundreds of young people. Welcoming the guests; the director Father Michael Makri briefed about the concert as the fruits of a two months course on singing while encouraging the other students to do their best. In her speech the Chief Guest, the local MLA thanked the institution for all the services rendered to the youth. She also expressed her willingness to help the students and the centre. The guest of honour, local MDC Shri Fantin J Lakadong also expressed sentiment of joy and happiness on seeing the talents of the performers. He challenged the youth to be up-to-date while thanking the institution for what it has made him since he too was a student of DBYC. The vocal students performed 18 numbers in all from choir to solo, duet, mash-up, rap and other genres of music. The full-packed audience in the Cilia Memorial Hall were enthralled by the music and singing from the students. It may be mentioned here, that DBYC regularly conducts vocal course every two months under the able guidance of Sir Nicholas Don. The institution is also offering students various courses on computer, sound engineering, photography, videography, stenography, tailoring, embroidery, DCA and many more at a very reasonable price for the benefit of the youth.

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      Shillong 10 December 2018: The Salesian Province of St. John Paul II, deeply mourns the passing away of Father Joseph Cilia SDB, today the 10th of December 2018 at Nazareth Hospital at around 3:30am. The funeral service will be conducted in the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christian at 1:30pm on the 11th December 2018 by Most Rev Archbishop Dominic Jala sdb, followed by the funeral cortege to the Salesian cemetery in the Catholic Cemetery Laitumkhrah. He was ailing for few years now coupled with old age. Father Cilia, who hailed from the outskirts of Malta city, a son of Francis and Michalina Cilia was born on January 30, 1936 destined to serve God in the name of the youth of North East India. He joined the congregation of the Salesian of Don Bosco in 1954. After novitiate he left Malta for India in 1956 and was ordained a priest in Shillong on April 1966 by (L) Archbishop S Ferrando, SDB. He worked in different parts of Meghalaya and Assam, in 1966 at Don Bosco Guwahati, in 1969-1970 at Cherrapunji, in 1970-1972in Pynursla, in 1972 in the Cathedral Parish Laitumkhrah, in 1972-1977 in Jongksha Parish, in 1977-1980 at Christ King College, in 1980 – 1983 at STC and ultimately in 1983 he was assigned by the Provincial to take charge as Director of Don Bosco Youth Centre in Shillong. Since then, he rigorously worked on various issues concerning the youth of the region particularly Shillong. Various matters like career orientation courses, value education, rehabilitation of addiction to substance abuse, counseling session on sex education and every sensitive and relevant issue pertaining to youth development was initiated and motivated. He regularly conducted programs of religious and social nature from time and again; there were Bible camps, Leadership camps, youth seminars and retreats, besides other social and literary activities. He was also a Spiritual Adviser of the Catholic Youth League for many years. Some of the youth who have grown and excelled in their respective profession ascribed to the service of the missionaries of Catholic Church. Father Joseph Cilia, SDB is definitely the image of Don Bosco to the youth of the region for the last few decades. For his relentless service to the cause of the youth Father Joseph Cilia was conferred the Meghalaya State Award for Social Service in 2000. And the North East Award for Youth and Educational Contributions in 2012. At his death, the society specially the youth of the North East have lost a father and a friend. He will be missed and remembered for ages to come.

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      Shillong 6th October: Don Bosco Youth Centre, Shillong had the annual Provincial Visitation by our father Provincial Father Paul O. Lyngkot sdb on the 5th and 6th October. Father Provincial, begun his visitation with a short meeting with Father Joseph Cilia – the founder of DBYC in his bedroom since he is ailing and is unable to participate the visitation with the rest of the members of DBYC. After the meeting with Father Cilia, the Provincial met all the Teaching staff in the Don Bosco Media Network studio and had a 30 minutes discussion and animation with them. The meeting with the teachers ended with refreshment and the Provincial who was the former director of this institute visited few classrooms and interacted with few students. On the second day, he met the confreres Brother Shiningstar Dkhar who studies MSc Chemistry in NEHU, Father Roland Kharkrang - the Assistant Director and Father Michael Makri - our Director individually. The provincial thanked the management and encouraged them to give their best for the good of the youth who come to the institution. The formal conclusion of the visitation took place at 6:30pm on the 6th October at Salesian Training Centre with the assembly of confreres listening to the last conference of the Provincial. In his conference the Provincial gave some news about the Province and also put some points of recommendation for the well-running of the institutions.

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      Shillong 26th September: DBMN (Don Bosco Media Network) Team under the leadership of Father Michael Makri, the director, conducted social awareness program on Social Media and Substance Addictions for the students of Classes XI & XII of St. Joseph’s Hr. Secondary School Umden on the 26th September 2018. Organized by ‘Kyrshanlang’, a SHG from Umden, the DBMN team conducted a full day program for the 94 students of Classes XI & XII on Social Media addictions, drug addictions and other substance related addictions. Present on the awareness program were Brother Solomon Swer sdb, the Principal of the School, Nerila Syiem, Shidalin Khymdeit, Ferdinand Maiong and other members of the SHG Kyrshanlang. While Shidalin Khymdeit the secretary of the SHG welcomed the gathering; Brother Solomon Swer invited the students to actively participate in the awareness program and activities that will be asked by the DBMN team. Nerila Syiem, when informing about the aim of the awareness program also encourages the participants to learn as much as possible from the program in order to avoid falling prey to these social evils. The DBMN team conducted two sessions, the morning session was dedicated to social media and its effects on the youth particularly on the students, the participants were made aware of the evils that social media is in a subtle way affecting them. Father Michael told them that 79% of what is in social media are fake thus asking the students to refrain from believing whatever they see or hear on social Media. Towards the end of the first session the resource persons informed the participants of the various disadvantages and negative effects brought by social media in the social, mental, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth of a human being. The second session was on substance addictions. Videos and PowerPoint presentations on tobacco, drugs and alcohol helped the participants to understand what are the substances found in each of them and what effects they have when they are consumed by a human being. The resource persons ended the program with presentations on how AIDS, Cancer, Organ Failures and brain damage happened to a human being when using drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

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      Shillong, 24 September: A team from Don Bosco Media Network (DBMN) today trained 14 news correspondents for SDBShillong - the province’s newsletter and for the donboscoshillong.org - the web portal of the province of St. John Paul II, Shillong here at the Don Bosco Provincial House, Mathias Institute Mawlai. Father Michael Makri, the director of Don Bosco Media Network took a session on ‘Basic News Reporting’. He said; ‘these basics are not only for reporting news but it be used for writing chronicles of your institution’ stressing the importance for the need to write and report. He handed a brochure on this topic and asked the 14 participants who happened to be the clerics in practical training from the various institutions to study and memorize these basics. He narrated lots of incidents where news were not publish whether in the secular media nor in the religious media because reports were badly written. The session was enlivened with lots of examples and facts. This session was followed by another reflection on ‘responsible use of social media’. The director, who had written a book and lots of articles on social media stressed on the blessings brought about by social media and at the same time cautioned the trainers about the dangers that comes along with it. He presented this topic with the aids of videos and PowerPoint presentations, where much information was disseminated. The training ended with the pledge to use media responsibly and to being generous in sharing news from their different institutions for the newsletter and the website.

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      Shillong, 19 September: Don Bosco Youth Centre or DBYC as popularly known launched its website today the 19th September by Father Paul O Lyngkot sdb, the Salesian Provincial of Shillong Province in the presence of Father Thomas Pampadyil, Father Dabitlang Cajee, Father Roland Kharkrang, Brother Shining Dkhar, Brother Innocent Mawniuh, Father Michael Makri the Director of DBYC, teachers and hundreds of computer students. DBYC is a ‘home away from home, for thousands of young people from in and around the North East. The institution which begun in 1983 by Father Cilia Joseph has helped the youth in various spheres life and today the institution has come a long way by way of progress and development all aiming for the future of the young. Today, DBYC is offering 38 courses from Computer to Media and other soft skill courses to educate the youth of the North East for their future prospect. Speaking on the occasion, the Provincial lauded DBYC and the students for the progress made to be with the signs of the time. Father Michael, the Director thanked the Provincial for launching the website and he credited Sir David Kharkongor a DCA teacher for his hard work in developing the website. He thanked the students for their presence and advised them to use the website to know the various courses offered in the institution and the various activities that happens here in DBYC. He concluded his thanksgiving message by asking everyone present to log in to www.donboscoyouthcentreshillong.com and explore the website.

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      Shillong: The Don Bosco Media, a Social Communication department of St. John Paul II, Shillong Province begins today the 4th August 2018 a free course on the Basics of Sound Engineering for those who manages sound system in different Parishes in the Shillong Archdiocese here at the Don Bosco Media studio. Speaking on the occasion Father Michael Makri the Director of Don Bosco Media welcomed the participants who came from the 35 parishes of Shillong Archdiocese. He thanked Mr. Meaiborshisha Nongkhlaw a sound engineer who is the instructor of the course for his availability. The Director also urged the participants to make full use of the opportunity given to them. It may be mention here; the Don Bosco Media is committed to giving professional courses on audio engineering. The course, which begins today in the Don Bosco Media Studio, should benefit the participants as both theory and practical lessons are given to them. This session will get over in December and the fresh session for those from Jowai and Nongstoin Dioceses will begin in February 2019.


      Shillong: Don Bosco Media in collaboration with RedFM 93.5 and Don Bosco Technical School Shillong organized a two day photo contest cum exhibition to celebrate World Photography Day on the 18th and 19th August. As many as 240 photographs coming from various photographers were displayed for exhibition here at the Don Bosco Youth Centre premises. Opening the exhibition Father Michael Makri, director of Don Bosco Media spoke about the importance of photos and images in communication. “The time is approaching when images and photos will take over texts in our daily communications, its already happening now where emojis are used instead of typing a sentence”, he said. RJ Kit who hosted the exhibition interacted with many participants and visitors who were delighted to witness the talents of the photographers in the state. The speech of Father Michael and the comments of the participants and visitors were also aired live in RedFm 93.5 radio. The photo contest cum exhibition ended on 19th August evening, with the visit of few renowned photographers from the city judging the exhibits and three winners were awarded to Balamshaphrang, Erison and Sonia with the First, Second and Third prizes respectively. The winners were given cash, certificates and mementos. The results were also announced through RedFm 93.5 radio.